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Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium præsenterer

RMC på Klein: Benjamín Gísli & Oscar Andreas Haug + AAGOT + Johan Nordin + Lasse Jacobsen Quartet

Fri entré

Kl. 18:30

Oplev spændende musikere fra Københavns talentmasse når Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium (RMC) afholder gratis koncertaftener på en række af byens bedste venues – se mere. D. 8. juni besøger RMC KLEIN og Dansepavillonen.

kl. 18.30: Benjamín Gísli & Oscar Andreas Haug
kl. 19.30: A A G O T
kl. 20.30: Johan Nordin
kl. 21.30: Lasse Jacobsen Quartet

Benjamín Gísli & Oscar Andreas Haug
An explorative musical encounter between two of the most exciting upcoming improvisors on the Nordic scene. They will dive straight into free improvisation, building on the Nordic jazz tradition. Pianist Benjamín Gísli Einarsson and trumpetist Oscar Andreas Haug met at the Jazz Conservatorium in Trondheim in the autumn of 2019. Since then, they have worked closely together in various projects, released an album with the band Bliss Quintet and played at some of Norway’s biggest jazz venues and festivals.
Oscar Andreas Haug – trumpet
Benjamín Gísli Einarsson – piano

Mere info følger.

Johan Nordin
Echoes of Battered Time – a musical experiment conducted and composed by Johan Nordin
The music explores an emotional dystopia through complex rhythmical structures and harmonic mayhem – a performance centered around hope through the destructive confusion of trauma.
Johan Nordin – piano/keys/synth
Krzysztof Hadrych – electric guitar
Lasse Jacobsen – drums

Lasse Jacobsen Quartet
Drummer and composer Lasse Jacobsen is primarily known for his work with contemporary piano trio, Little North and synth-pop band, Yör. This evening Lasse presents brand new material with a lineup consisting of some of his favorite musicians from Denmark and Sweden. Composition meets improvisation in a set of music stretching from quiet and spacious to energetic and explosive.
Hannes Bennich – altsax
Rasmus Oppenhagen Krogh – guitar
AC – kontrabas
Lasse Jacobsen – trommer